Bump: Short story Halloween special

You know, usually I wouldn’t be uploading short stories this close to each other. You know, since I’m human. However, it’s Halloween! I just had to make the extra effort. Well hopefully you will enjoy and feel free to comment on my work. I also have to warn you without spoiling it that it is mature and not for the faint hearted. Well if you still wish to read here it is and thanks to those who read it. Happy Halloween:


It was difficult watching my husband’s break down. It meant a lot that he was devastated by the miscarriage of my early bump, but I hated seeing him torn apart by my body’s failure. It’s not that he blamed me but watching his suffering made me feel like I should be. Lately he had been having trouble sleeping because of it; nothing would help him get some shut eye. This morning I flicked open my eyes, guilty I was the only one getting escape from reality. “Good morning.” He said with a worn smile on his lips as they slightly quivered.

“Tom, you’re not sleeping?” I asked while I reached out to his face and stroked his cheek. “Yeah none, but it’s okay sweetheart.” I frowned at him, I couldn’t believe he was still refusing some help but I couldn’t go against him, it wouldn’t have been fair.

“Well, I’ll go make some breakfast for you okay? Oh and definitely some coffee” He laughed at my suggestion and nodded; it was nice to finally see him crack a smile. I left him to go downstairs to the kitchen. I fried the eggs and bacon, hoping that the smell of food would tempt him down sooner. However, after setting down the plates, the food ready and the coffee poured he didn’t come down. “Honey?” I called to him upstairs, I hear his muffled cry and I instantly knew where he was.

I walked into the nursery, the freshly painted baby blue walls burned my nose and for a minute I watched him in the rocking chair by the cot with a teddy he had bought himself in his hand. He stroked its head delicately as it lay on his lap. I had told him it was too early to be making a nursery but he was so excited he couldn’t help himself. I remembered him saying it was going to be a boy, that he could feel it in his gut. I laughed with him, letting him have his happiness, before I ruined everything. Yet I can’t do anything to help, so instead I walked over to him and held his head in my chest as he sobbed. “It’s just not fair Cathy. It’s not fair.” I hushed him, holding him tight.

The day dragged on like it was never ending, the sorrow and depression thick in the air, it made it hard for us to even breathe in the same space. Usually Tom would be at his work but his boss said he was in no state to go into the office. Though I agreed on that he was not fit to work, I felt that staying in the house was doing more harm than good. We were going be stuck in this rut forever. The day ended though and I got into bed waiting for Tom, even though I knew I’d probably be the only one sleeping that night. He appears in the doorway of the bedroom and I noticed the bear in his hand.

“Hey, this is going to sound a bit strange Cathy but, can the bear go on the bedside cabinet, just for tonight? I know it’s stupid but…” He gripped the bear and he seemed to be again on the brink of tears, I couldn’t refuse him. So he laid the bear on the cabinet before coming into the bed.

I woke up in the morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Tom, was fast asleep, his breathing soft and even, it was pleasant to my ears. I quietly slipped out of bed being careful not to wake him from the long needed rest. I was bursting with happiness, with this maybe we could start moving forward again, I thought as I go into the shower, turning it on. When the water rained on me I flinched in pain. Looking down I had a few scratches on my lower abdomen. I must have scratched myself in my sleep; maybe I should cut my nails they had gotten pretty rough since I hadn’t been taking care of them. I walked back through to the bedroom to see Tom awake, looking refreshed. “Morning sunshine.” I laughed and he smiled warmly back at me and motioned me to join him. It was the best day in a long time filled with rest and a little hope. So when it was night again Tom tried to take the bear back to the nursery but I told him to keep it there. He smiled and complied before getting into bed. I didn’t know if it was the bear or whatever had made him sleep soundly but I wasn’t going to take any chances.

The next few nights more and deeper scratches appeared on my abdomen in the mornings, seemed I had developed a nasty habit which was the last thing I needed. I cut my nails right back to the point of pain and hoped that it would go away, especially since Tom was finally sleeping soundly, though he too began to worry me again. He no longer looked rested after sleep and was more distant than ever. He did not cry but he hardly spoke. So when we went to bed again I didn’t expect to wake up so suddenly, to see him standing at my side of the bed, looming with a twisted grin on his face. “Tom!” I screamed at him in fright and it seems to shake him out of his trance as his face became familiar again. “Cathy what on earth?” His face was frightened and unsure of what was happening.

“I-It’s nothing sweetheart I think you were just sleepwalking, you just gave me a fright and sorry I screamed.”

“No don’t be sorry I woke you up, I’ll get this sorted on Monday okay? I promise.” He got in the bed and held me tightly before going back to sleep. I didn’t know if it was actually Tom that had made the scratches on me but I was relieved that it was going to get sorted.

So Sunday night I decided that I was going to stay awake and make sure he didn’t sleep walk. I lasted till around one in the morning, before I closed my eyes for two long and drifted into sleep. I woke up with a searing and sharp pain from my abdomen to look down to see it scratched bloody, the flesh agonisingly torn on the surface. I tried to sit up but I found that my hands and feet had been bound to the bed. I saw Tom at the side of the bed, his fingers bloody, skin under the nails. He looked at me with a hateful stare; it didn’t feel like it was Tom. I struggled trying to break free “Tom, Tom please wake up!” My pleads failed as I watched him reach to his side and with a glint of a knife I started screaming and violently thrashing as much as I could. He brought the knife to my abdomen, readying it to cut me open.

“Mummy, I’m going back in.”

Bump: Short story Halloween special

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