NaNoWriMo: Taking on the challenge?

Though we won’t exactly be killing each other off until there is a victor (well at least I hope not), National Novel Writing Month is definitely making you fight with yourself. Yes, I do plan on taking a good whack at the 50,000 word challenge. T.T No these aren’t tears of sadness but of excitement and anticipation of the month ahead. Even though I started my novel weeks ago, with 80,000 words looming above my head the prospect of writing anywhere near 50K this month sounds pretty amazing! Maybe even a little impossible for me. Well what I’m really excited about is how I won’t be the only one in pain and effectively, we can all share the experience. Seriously there is nothing better when you have writers block or your are stressed out and melted that you know someone else is going to be the same. Cruel I know but definitely helps the self esteem :D. So I am excited to be for the first time on a journey with the other participants of NaNoWriMo 2013. Lets work hard guys.

NaNoWriMo: Taking on the challenge?

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