Wait… What the f-


Okay I didn’t expect it to be easy writing a novel. No way in hell did I think that. This is one of the biggest projects I have done and I knew that it was going to be hard. Did I expect the muddled and unprofessional grammar? Yeah. The constant lines upon lines of verbal diarrhoea? Yes of course. However, what has completely threw me off guard is the creative constipation. Now maybe a little of me should of expected it as I know it isn’t easy, but I got to admit its still frustrating. I have planned and researched this novel so much (Obsessive much 0_0) I should be able to hit the ground running at least. When I talked my lecturer into letting me write a novel I hit him with my plan, plot and characterisation,  everything. I think he was a bit stunned at first but he let me do it, still don’t know if that was a blessing; or a curse.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret wanting to write a novel at all. I know that even if I fail the first time, at least I’m getting the experience and more importantly a chance. This chance to just start my dream, to write a novel and hopefully write many more after. I mean my course is hard, its competitive and to be honest I wanted to do this for myself and the thought of them wanting us to aim for publication is a little daunting. The lecturer eyes bore into us all when he said he would be damned if we didn’t send anything for publication O.O. I know, in the end when your writing you always aim for it to be published and I will try at the end of my course but, do I expect to get published? Ha-ha no. Though I like the idea of at least trying, becoming some sort of veteran: been there done that, still trying to rob a T-Shirt.


In all seriousness it’s too early to call this a setback, I’m just putting my toe in the water. I remember what my high school Modern Studies teacher said, when you take on a project its just like a baby (yup 0_0) and it will cry and poop everywhere. It need’s constant care and attention and in the end, when your baby is done you will look at it and love it. To this day, I still hate my  ‘baby’ of a massive dissertation which hope never to see again. Nevertheless it rings true, this book is my dream, my responsibility and my god damn baby.


On a separate note I am still battling on with everything especially my writing course. If anyone reading would like to give a hand I have a questionnaire to be filled if anyone has the time it would be a great help :D. It’s at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RVCVXRJ . I am also planning to upload some of my writing especially my experiments and short stories which I’ll make a separate page for.

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Wait… What the f-