VIRUS (TV Pilot)

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The classroom is filled with students chatting together; they sit casual chatting to each other as their registration teacher has not arrived. KATRINA sits at her desk near the back window of the classroom with some of her friends surrounding her, she is fifteen years old and noticeably wears her uniform strict to the dress code in comparison to her classmates. It’s a wash of noise of voices on top of each other so what is being said is unclear and insignificant chatter. MISS DAWN walks into the classroom and over to her desk.


                        MISS DAWN

          Alright settle down and take your seats.


The teenagers begrudgingly go to their seats for the register to be taken. KATRINA who is already at her own desk straightens her posture.


                        MISS DAWN

               Very good, I’ll start the register,

David Bracken.





                        MISS DAWN

                      Sarah Walker.






                        MISS DAWN



All of the pupils phones except Katrina’s (that is off) start to ring with text message alerts and they all take out there phones out their bags and pockets to read the message that they have received.



                        MISS DAWN

                   Come on, you know the rules.

                   Put your phones away.


All the pupils who read the message have become eerily still and expressionless, they all get up simultaneously and KATRINA at the back is spooked by the behaviour as much as MISS DAWN. With their eyes fixated on the phones in their hands they all begin to mechanically walk towards the classroom door to leave.


                        MISS DAWN

                    Get back to your seats!


Eerily they all turn their heads towards MISS DAWN before giving her eye contact, one of the boys start to walk back up to MISS DAWN while the others follow just behind. KATRINA stands up as if to speak as well but she is too afraid to speak a word, so stands frozen to the spot.


                        MISS DAWN

                   I will not ask again.


MISS DAWN is violently punched in the face by the boy. The punch is so forceful it knocks her to the ground. KATRINA lets out a gasp in shock as she watches her classmates gather round MISS DAWN as they all start to kick and punch her. They do not stop even when we see that MISS DAWN has stopped moving and keep violently attacking her. KATRINA witnessing the attack lets out a scream.









On the screen it states the location and time. Hundreds of teenagers ranging from around twelve to eighteen are storming the streets like a chaotic mob. Some are armed and they smash shop windows and attack people on the street. A WOMAN is dragged screaming away from her pram into an alleyway by around five teenage boys. People are running and screaming. Some who try to fight them off are outnumbered considerably. When the mob reaches a crossroad armed riot police are in wait.



              Stop this violence at one. If you 

do not comply we will be forced to 

take action against you!


The teenagers keep moving forward with weapons in hand. The POLICE MAN becomes nervous.


                        POLICE MAN

              I said to stop this at once!


A boy that looks to be barely twelve starts hitting one of the riot men with his bat. The OFFICER defends himself with the shield unsure of what else to do.


                        POLICE MAN

              What are you doing? Stop them!




              But sir- he’s a kid!


The two parties clash as the teenagers do not back down and overwhelm the officers closest.









There is a crisis meeting between sergeants and officers in the metropolitan police force including detective chief inspector DANTE. They all sit in seats in the hall until chief constable DARWIN appears on stage and the officers salute him.




              Thank you all for being here today.

              As you can see we have issued not 

              only a national state of emergency 

              but a global one. Children as young as

              twelve have been reported missing as 

              well as being connected to violent 

              attacks. This began at 0905am when they

              all received a text message that read:

              ‘infected’. These children have a newly

              found violent nature and causing global

              panic. When I send you out to neutralise

              the situation remember that they are 

              vulnerable and so do not aim to harm but

              to restrain. Also be sure that members 

              of the public do not make contact with

              them or they will be risking their 

              lives. Now, let’s try to get these kids

              back home.


He had finished his speech and so the men rose to their feet and exit the hall with a rush. DANTE stays in the hall using his phone. After a few rings it goes to voicemail. DARWIN has come down from the stage to approach DANTE



                   Damn it.



              Everything alright Dante?



              I don’t know Michael. Sarah,

              She isn’t answering her phone

              and neither is Claire.



              I’m sure your daughter and Claire

              are fine. How old is Sarah now?






              Well she is probably can’t

answer. Not every kid has

              turned violent. Many schools 

              have evacuated so don’t worry 

              too much.



              Yeah I know. I better get

              This mess sorted out.



                   That’s the spirit! 


Inspector ANNA walks up to the pair with a grim face. In her hands she carries an active iPad.



              Sirs, There is something you 

              Should both see regarding the

              kids involved.



              What is it Inspector Williams?


She turns the iPad’s screen towards the two men whose faces change to shock. DANTE takes the iPad out of ANNA’s hands to inspect closer.



                   What is this Anna?



                   It’s a public post on



The Facebook post on the screen is from a user named Rick Wilson who has posted a gruesome picture of a dead woman (notably the one with the pram earlier) with the caption ‘check out this whore’. The post has around 30K likes and the comments are being updated constantly. They pop up in this order on the screen:

Rita Jones


Martin Quinn

Stupid fuckin whore Lol

Steven Cairne

Better of raped her! Slut

Rick Wilson

Steven Cairne Damn right lol. She had fantastic tits btw

DANTE turns the iPad off unable to read anymore. He hands it back to ANNA and turns to DARWIN.



              Do you still believe that these

              kids are going to go home at the

              end of all this?



              I hope so, or I have no idea

              what we are going to do.








KATRINA walks through the street scared. She is looking for help but the street is barren. She knocks on a few doors shouting for help but no one comes to answer. She walks on the verge of tears. Around the corner she sees a girl with two boys around her eyes. She tries to call on them but a hand is placed over her mouth and she is dragged into an alleyway. She tries to fight NOAH off and he lets her go. She turns to him.



                   What are you doing?





NOAH has a finger to his lips asking KATRINA to be silent. NOAH is at seventeen years of age, his clothes look rough and dirty along with unwashed hair and a filthy face.      




                   You can’t let those guys 

                   Find you.




                   Why not?




                   Trust me okay?

                   Let’s go.


He starts to walk back to the opening of the alleyway and KATRINA begrudgingly follows him. NOAH looks to make sure that the group has left. He starts walking towards the school building in the distance.



                   Where are you going?



                   Well your school is

                   over there right?



                   But it’s empty now.

                   There is nothing in 

                   It now except for…







                   Shouldn’t we go

                   Look for help?



              You don’t have to come.


NOAH starts to walk to the school, KATRINA stands still wondering what she should do.



                   Don’t walk so fast!


KATRINA catches up with him and they walk together.








The entrance way into the school was abandoned except for the few bodies of dead pupils and staff members. KATRINA and NOAH avoided looking too closely at them while they walked.



              Can you take me to the 

P.E department?



Why would you want to

go there?





              I need a shower. Desperately.

               Don’t pretend you haven’t



KATRINA looks away from NOAH embarrassed by his honesty. She nods shyly to his request.



          Sure thing… I’m Katrina Roberts, 

What’s your name?



              It’s Noah. Just Noah.













KATRINA and NOAH walk towards to door of the boys changing rooms. NOAH attempts to walk in when he noticed KATRINA is waiting beside the door.



                 Aren’t you coming?



                   W-why would I? Your

                   going to shower!



                   We are safer together.

                  At least wait inside okay?



                   Um okay when you put

                   It that way I’ll make

                   an exception.


They get into the changing room where bags and clothes have been left abandoned by a class who would have been taking gym. NOAH starts to rummage through the bags.



                   What are you doing?


NOAH finds a t-shirt, hoodie and jeans that will fit him along with a towel.




                   Not like they will be

                   Coming back for them, 

                   I’ll be a sec.


NOAH walks into one of the shower cubicles and KATRINA sits on the wooden bench closest. NOAH can be heard turning on the shower. KATRINA jumps out her skin when she hears NOAH groan loudly.



              You have no idea how long 

It’s been since I had a hot




I could guess!






     Very funny! 


KATRINA starts to laugh as well before she becomes quiet again.



                   Why did you stop me earlier?



                   Do you know what happened to

                   your school?



                   Yes I was in class when they…



                   Everyone around our age is

                   like that. They started attacking

                   everyone that wasn’t them.



                   If that’s true what will

                    We do if they find us?



                   I’ll run out naked and 

scare them off!


They both start to laugh at the statement. NOAH switches off the shower. He starts to dry off and get changed. He walks out of the changing room dressed in the other clothes while he leaves the old ones in the shower. He walks across to KATRINA and sits beside her while he dried his hair with the towel.



                You don’t go to school?




                    Thought we had a silent

                   agreement that I was 

                   a bum?




                   I was just asking.



                   Nope. Now let’s go to your

                   canteen feels like I haven’t

                   eaten in days!




                   You haven’t eaten in-



                   It’s just an expression!





They both start to laugh again and the door of the changing room door opens. A TEEN boy enters with a blood soaked school uniform and bat. KATRINA and NOAH fall silent and rise to their feet.



              Thought doing the rounds would

              Be fun.



                   Katrina run!


KATRINA remained frozen to the spot while Noah ran up to the TEEN. TEEN swings his bat and hits NOAH in the head. NOAH falls to the ground. The teen approaches KATRINA while dropping his bat. He throws her to the ground and she starts to scream. He gets on top of her and uses his hands to keep her pinned to the floor. NOAH with blood running down his head from behind uses the bat to choke the TEEN until he passes out. NOAH throws the TEEN off of KATRINA.   



                   I-I though you were-


NOAH puts out a hand to help KATRINA up off the floor.



              I’ve been hit harder.











DANTE sits at his desk worried. He has his phone to his ear, it rings off and he sighs. There is a knock at his door and DARWIN walks in.



                   How you holding up?



                   I got a hold of some of the

                   staff that evacuated Sarah’s

                   school. Apparently she was off

`                  ill. Claire isn’t answering 

                   her phone at all so I have 

no idea what’s going on.



                   At least you know she is

                   safe. And you know how 

                   stubborn Claire is.




                   Yeah my ex-wife hasn’t

                   answered my calls in

                   in ten years.



                   Exactly DANTE. Go 

                   Home, get some sleep 

                   and when this is all 

                   over you can go visit.





              Night Michael.


DARWIN leaves the office and DANTE puts the phone back to his ear attempting to phone his ex-wife again. It starts to ring.




SCENE 8                   




Claire’s phone starts to vibrate and ring from DANTE’s call. Just across from the phone on the kitchen counter Claire lies glassy eyed on the floor with multiple stab wounds to her back. 



VIRUS (TV Pilot)

Just to say I am Alive!

Hey I have not updated in such a long time! So I think it’s time for some reflection and catch up! So firstly I would like to say that I have redrafted my book prologue and first chapter and updated my novel page if you want to check it out! So lately I have been working hard to college deadlines and you know the usual pondering about what am I doing with my life but, oh well I’m doing just fine. So I have still been writing my book ( and tempted to upload more chapters) and been doing not a whole lot more. So as much as I wanted to post all guns blazing in an epic Duke Nukem style with a full book written; thats how my imagination works, ironically not my mind. However I know that I am a trooper, going at my own pace. So I hope I have the patience to finish and I will keep you updated. Thanks for reading and say if you want to seemore chapters of my book The Heir Series: The List!

Just to say I am Alive!

Game Over- Short Story

Finally after weeks and weeks I have returned to post some content. It has been long and taxing trying to manage my coursework and right but I think I am still sane (I think). So today for the first time I am uploading one of my short stories ‘Game Over’. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment for me to read.

Game Over

“Come on! Come on! Come o-aw man game over.” Hearing this my eyes drift off my own glaring screen and looked across the dimly lit internet cafe surprised to see a familiar face for a change. In control of a computer surrounded by a group of guys is a boy around my age. He was from my homeroom, Derek Tate. A pretty easy going guy, not in the shadows of life but not in the limelight either; basically someone I don’t interact with. “Man bummer…” exclaimed one of his faceless friends.

“I’m not really all that torn about it I’ll just set up another account with a new e-mail, no biggie.” Derek explained in a careless tone with an ease that could have been considered unique to him. Derek looks up at the clock.

“I’ll just do it when I get home, hey lets go over to that new place across the street I’m starving!”

“Yeah it’s nice over there!” a friend chirps. Derek stood up from his plush seat in front of the monitor and his friends groan as they got up from their uncomfortable crouches.

“We can get huge pizzas!” one of them laughed as the started making their way towards the exit.

As they walked past me Derek stopped and turned towards me “You’re Noah… right? That guy in my homeroom?”  I gave him a brief nod, why the hell was he talking to me? How did he even know I existed? I’ve never talked to him, nor even attempted to, I never spoke a word I was always in the back of the class. There I was, in a hooded get up that he shouldn’t even have recognised me in. He looks over at my monitor “What?! I didn’t know you played! You seem pretty good too! I seriously could have used you over there!” he gave me a smile like we were close friends.

“G-guess so…” was all I could manage to say from this display of acknowledgment.

“Well… I gotta go but I’ll see you tomorrow!” He rushed out the door to catch up with his friends. Derek had noticed me in the shadows of his life; I guess he was more observant than I originally believed, I almost told him I definitely would not see him tomorrow.

I got up from my seat to view the events that I was previously going to ignore. As soon as I saw the street crossing beyond the crystal clear glass I knew what was going to happen. His friends sped across the road and Derek despite their complaining waits for the lights to change like he has all day. The lights change and he starts to cross and like clockwork; they come around the corner. They probably were on standby until he crossed the road. Usually a person would warn the prey when danger was approaching. However there was only one word that came to mind as the car attacked Derek.

“Someone call an ambulance!”


A disgusting feeling crept over me; I guess I shouldn’t have watched. I should have gone home. I logged off the website I was on, the very game that had murdered Derek:

www .savior. net.

Savior: the online game taking the world by storm. A game where you are a hero in a virtual world. The game has had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and even gained a few awards for a new way to teach morals to a more rebellious generation. However there is a dark secret that Savior does not put on their log in page.

‘WARNING: If you are killed in the game, you die in real life.’

As I walked down the dusty streets, the majority of people I passed were highly likely to be Savior users; and still nothing was being done. Savior deaths come in a variety of different ways, some like Derek’s, some by illness, accidents, or suicides, occasionally murder and so on, so that they mix with the billions of other people who stop breathing. Another factor which helped Savior keep its secret is being sponsored from some of the richest men in the world and is supported by many big influential figures. All deaths are made inevitable by them, and they are teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen, anyone who is in a position of trust over you, anyone and everyone. You must be thinking: if a seventeen year old guy can work it out, then shouldn’t everyone else be catching on? To be honest, because the government is not mentioning anything the majority of people believe it doesn’t happen, and they do say ignorance is bliss. It’s never spoken of, and as it’s not talked about, it is never been brought into public light. The only reason I believe is because of Allan, my late best friend.

To be honest I thought he was just getting paranoid over theories from conspiracy websites, but he took it all the way and purposely received a game over, I thought that would be the end of it; and it definitely was his end. He was found the next morning. Apparently he had slipped and banged his head in his room. I thought he had done it to get me to believe but unfortunately once your eyes are opened, they never close. People in my life were falling like dominoes, incident after incident. It drove me crazy trying to contemplate why this was happening, the only reasoning being that it’s some sick rich man’s idea of a game. However I grew comfortable with the idea of it being inevitable.

Finally I reached my house, and immediately I ran upstairs to log in. I bet there is a question you are just dying to ask, why? Why are you playing a game that could kill you? Well, I’m one of the few that can. I know my limits, I’m not stupid enough to face challenge’s I have a high chance of failing. From my screen my game avatar appears.

Name: Survivor.

Because that’s what I am; where others fall I will still be standing because I’m smart enough to never to let my guard down. In the outside world I am an antisocial kid hardly ever seen without a hood, only occasionally ever found outside of his room apart from school. In Savior I am a man, a man that can handle the pressure, I can-“Noah can I pway? Pwease?” pleaded my little brother, interrupting my line of thought.

“Joshua this is not a game! Now go to your room and play! Or something…” Reluctantly he goes with his tail between his legs. It’s not like he will understand the power I have over my own fate. I went to the quest menu to scavenge for suitable challenges. “Noah! Mommy needs a favour sweetie!” Reluctantly I got up at my mom’s command and left my room and went downstairs. I walked through the hall and automatically turn into the kitchen.

“Sorry honey bunch I thought I needed you to go to the store but I’m all good.” I rolled my eyes and made the journey back upstairs to my room. I opened the door.


My impending doom on a screen. “Noah! What I clicked on was weally hard! I’m sowy…” My face paled at the remark. I-I’m going to die… How did this happen? I was so careful… I fall to my knees; I’m just another lamb for the slaughter… I’m going to die at the hands of them. I look at my brother, sitting still messing around with the keyboard still not realising what he has done. My eyes travel up to the clock, they will be coming and I contemplate how I will die. Tears prick my eyes; so this was the end…No… Unlike the others, I know they are coming!

I will fight.

Game Over- Short Story